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Children are not supposed to die, but sometimes they do. ORION provides comprehensive training to help hospice professionals acquire tools to help families as they endure some of the most arduous times in their lives.

While most hospice professionals are very competent and comfortable caring for adults, few have that same level of expertise in caring for children. ORION Pediatric End of Life Training and Consultation partners with hospice clinicians to offer training and support to close that gap. ORION delivers pragmatic tools that help clinicians understand, problem-solve and celebrate each child and family’s individual circumstances, and to become comfortable in tailoring their practices to  address variables as they arise.


“Parents don’t need consolation. What could possibly console? Parents need the tools to walk through the fire without being consumed by it.”

~ Emily Rapp, The Still Point of the Turning World


The following is a selection of mini-courses that can be customized to the agency’s needs, presented individually or in combination series trainings:

  • In the Beginning…A Developmental Approach to Caring for Children and Adolescents with Serious Illness; Patterns of Disease Progression
  • ‘Operating Instructions’ for Adult Hospice Nurses Caring for Children with Life Limiting Illness: From Information Visit to Pronouncement
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  Easing Suffering: Pain and Symptom Management
  • The Best Care Possible: Providing Care at the Time of Dying
  • The Worst Loss: Navigating Loss, Grief and Bereavement
  • The Psychosocial Needs of Children/Adolescents with Life Limiting Illness; Tools for Talking with Families
  • Playing Dress-Up, Scrabble, Arts and Crafts, and Video Games: The Importance of Play and Ways to Use It
  • Tiny Dancers: Compassionate Care from Diagnosis Through Delivery and Beyond
  • Doing this Work: Caring for Oneself and the Myth of the Superhero


Trainings are customized to the needs of the individual hospice or agency. Clinicians will build on the myriad skills they already possess as seasoned healthcare professionals. All content is designed to support the agency/clinician’s working relationship with the pediatric referral source, pediatric palliative care physician and hospice medical director.

A word about trainings:

  • Series trainings or individual mini-courses are available. Series trainings can be scheduled over time and at times convenient for participants to attend.
  • Training content is individually tailored in ways most beneficial to the agency’s objectives and to the individual clinicians.
  • Trainings are held at your location and as many staff as are able can participate. Fees are inclusive, not per-person, enabling all stakeholders to participate: interdisciplinary palliative care providers, on-call clinicians, clinical supervisory and/or administrative staff, etc.
  • Series trainings include a pre-project needs assessment developed with input from the agency to ensure that training content meets the needs of the agency’s clinicians.
  • Series trainings will include an extensive hard copy reference list of pediatric resources (ex: pediatric pain scales, professional booklist, local pediatric resources, etc.).
  • CEUs are available for all sessions for nurses and social workers; participation certificates are available for other disciplines.
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Interested in a topic or format that is not covered here?  Please ask!  We can create or customize the content and format of trainings to meet your individual needs.

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